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How to start a blog

Blogger vs. Wordpress
The first decision when making a blog is whether you will use wordpress or blogger. What platform you choose does not really matter, and you can be just as successful in both. In my opinion, wordpress is a “better” platform for blogging, i haven’t used it myself, but i know that it is easier to customize your blog on wordpress. Wordpress also allows you to buy premium themes, which look amazing. It is also a little more difficult to use wordpress, because it is a little more advanced than blogger. 
Blogger is very simple, and it is easy to start using. The problem is that it is hard to make your blog look good, because there are not so many options when choosing themes on blogger. However, blogger allows you to include adsense in a neat way.
Blogger and Wordpress are both great, i use blogger, but i think thats because it was the one i started with. Check out both of them, before you decide which on to use.

Your niche
The niche(what your blog is about) of your blog is very important, you should have an idea of what your niche should be before you choose your blog platform. Your niche could be anything, but you should try not to be to general, like me. You see, if you write 20 blog post about, lets say cupcakes. And you tag all your posts with cupcake, you will get a decent ranking on that tag. But if you make a blog like mine, you don’t really have any main tags, they are different between each post. 
After choosing your niche, it is time to start blogging.

Write good blog posts
The quality of your blog is decided mostly from your content. Having quality content is very important to get your readers interested, and to make them revisit. If you have bad content, then people will not read your blog. When writing a blog post, you should ask yourself: “Does this inform/help my readers in any way?”. If you can say yes to that, you content is good.

Update regularly
How often you write blog posts is your choice. The more blogposts, the more to read for your readers. But make sure you don’t write 3 bad posts instead of one good, just to get as much content as possible. You should try to update your blog every day, but it may take to much time (Like it did to me). At first i wrote a blog post everyday, but now i have to cut it down to maybe a couple posts a week. Updating your blog is also important for google hits, because each time you update your blog, you blog will get a higher ranking. This is how google separates updating sites from old sites.
So make sure to update frequently, with good content.

Share your blog
When you have started your blog, and written about 5 blog posts it is time to start sharing. Share each blog post on facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, reddit, digg, and delicious. Sharing is the only way to get readers to your blog. You can have the best content in the world, but if you don’t tell your readers about it, they are not going to visit your blog. 
So after writing about 5 good blog posts, you should share your blog an your posts everywhere.

I hope you learned something from this post, and good luck on starting your own blog!

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