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How to write touch

What is touch?

Writing touch is when you write on your computer without looking on your keyboard. You know where every letter is, or at least your fingers know. When you write, your hands are still, but your fingers move back and forth. You use the correct finger to hit each letter on your keyboard.

Learn to write using the touch method

Why to learn touch
Everybody should learn to write touch because it is so fast. The speed of writing touch is so much faster than not writing touch. Computers are being used more and more these days, everybody needs to learn to write touch. The touch method is especially useful for students, and people writing on computers in general. If you could use half as much time on writing on your computer, imagine what you could do with that time.

How to learn touch
The easiest way to learn to write touch is probably taking a course, but this is not the method i will be talking about. You could probably find a course, but it would take unnecessary time and money.
It is best to learn touch by yourself, simply writing on your keyboard. If you decide to learn touch, you need to be disciplined. It is not easy, and will not be fun until you actually succeed. 
The first method to learn touch is simply learning alone. Sitting at home on your computer typing. Forcing yourself not to look at your keyboard. Doing this could work, although it might be very difficult and take a lot of time. You should understand some of the basics to touch writing before doing this. Your index fingers should be placed at the f and the j. There should be knobs on both of the letters, allowing you to easily find them without looking. The rest of your fingers are placed on a letter each horizontally. Then when you want to write a letter, you move the finger closest to the letter to click it, using only that finger.

The basics of writing touch
If you understand these basic rules, you should be able to learn writing touch on your own. You should be persistent at it, spend a couple of weeks trying to learn. Don't give up.

Taking a free online course

The best method to learn writing touch is to take a free course online. There are plenty of courses available, and there will be links to many of them below. Online touch courses can vary, but they are a lot better than trying to learn touch on your own. You can often have different levels of writing, allowing you to practice certain letters at a time. When i learned touch, i used a website to learn it. I did not spend too much time on learning it, and i believe that any person can learn touch, even if you are old or young. Good luck on learning the touch method. I hope you succeed. 

Online touch courses:

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