mandag 14. januar 2013

5 ways to make firework at home

If you are celebrating new years eve or 4th of july, unable to buy firework, you can perfectly fine make firework at home. Here are 5 different ways to do so.

  1. Make you own blackpowder. Blackpowder is the what powers fireworks, and with just three ingredients you can make it on your own. All you need is saltpeter, sulphur and charcoal. You can find the exact recipe on wikipedia. And a good guide on making fireworks with your blackpowder can be found here.
  2. Make firecrackers from cap guns. You know those noisy toy guns, they actually contain some pretty decent gunpowder. You can buy caps for cap guns at a local store. Then use something thin to get the powder out of the caps. Put the powder together and add a fuse, and you will have a powerful firecracker. Read a full guide here. Make you own fuse here.
  3. Make rockets and more from safety matches. Matches are highly flammable, and they can be used to make some cool fireworks. They are cheap, but it takes some work to separate the powder from the stick. Make match rockets here. Make a firecracker from matches here.
  4. Make explosives from lighter fuel. Lighter fuel is fun to play around with, but remember to be very careful, and think about what you do. You can make many different kinds of fireworks with lighter fuel.
  5. Make a fireball from wax lights. This is a new method i have recently learned, and it is quite amazing. All you need is a couple of wax lights, and some water. Then you place four of the lights on a flat ground(outside), with a little spacing between them. Light all of them, then place a fifth light on top of the four to make a pyramid shape. Light the top light, and make sure all lights are burning at all times. This will make the top light very hot, and the stearine will melt. Once the stearine has melted, it will start boiling when it gets hot enough. Once it is boiling, spray some water at the light and keep your distance. When the water hits the wax light, a huge flame will shoot to the air almost 1 meter tall. You can spray water several times, until the light gets cold and runs out. This is very fun, but can take a while. Make sure to use safety goggles, and make sure you keep your distance from the lights. I do not know exactly what happens when the water hits the light, but i know that it is great fun for sure. 
I hope these tips will help you have fun on new years eve, or on 4th of july. Be careful, use safety goggles, and have fun.

Here are some more ways to make firework if you don't feel satisfied yet.

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