torsdag 17. januar 2013

How to be a successful student

Most students struggle with motivation and not wanting to do their homework. This blog post will help you motivate your self, and how you can be a successful student.

Do what you are supposed to do
The first and most basic tip is to do what you are supposed to do. When you have homework, sit down and do it. If you have a hand in, hand it in. If you have a test, study for the test. Got it? This is where most people fail, so try to push your self to do what you have to do.

Do your homework
Except for your classes, your homework is where you will learn the most. Never thought about it that way? Your homework is not what your teacher forces you to do, it is a way to easily learn what you have to know for your test anyway. You should always do your homework, read what you have to read twice, and do your tasks properly. After each homework try to think through; what did i just read, and what did i learn from it. If you think about doing your homework as learning instead of a punishment, you will be able to motivate your self to do it.

Be on time
The time is very important in school, you always have a deadline. Your homework is always for a certain date, and you should do it in time. Don’t get behind the schedule, if you get behind you will have to do more homework anyway. Another important thing about being on time is to start working with a project in good time before you deadline. As soon as you know about a test or a presentation, you should start working on it (even though it is tough). If you are ill, and you can not do your homework, you should do it later. Doing all your homework on time will make it easier to focus on what you are learning in the moment, and not focusing on what you should have done two weeks ago.

Think of learning as fun
Learning something you did not know already is fun, right? This should be your spirit at school. Be open to what you learn, and try to enjoy the wisdom. You are getting an education, be grateful for it. Learning is fun, and we all know it. Remembering it when doing boring school work is the difficult task.

Motivate yourself with results
If you manage to work hard and doing good, you should get some results. Your grades should be good, and this is what should motivate you. Keeping your grades high, always working to improve yourself as well. If you get a good grade, be happy. If you get a bad grade, don’t be mad or sad. Instead, think about what you did wrong, and do it better the next time.

Work hard
Follow all the tips above, and work really hard. If you do, you will be successful in school, and you will be able to motivate yourself. Good luck.

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