onsdag 16. januar 2013

How to make a good first impression

When meeting new people it is good to make a good first impression. The persons first impression is what they will think about you in the beginning of knowing. If you have a secret crush on somebody, and you are going to talk to that person for the first time, making a good first impression is the most important factor to whether he/she is going to want to meet you again.

The entrance
The first thing a person meeting you will see, is how you arrive. Your entrance is very important for the first impression. When arriving you should walk with your shoulders relaxed and your chest up. Remember to smile, showing a good side of yourself. 

A good handshake
The handshake is the first touch, and it is important to make it right. A good handshake can be crucial for the first impression, so it is important to have a good one. Grab the hand and shake it firmly, not too hard and not too soft. Look the person in the eye, and smile. Smile for real, and make the person feel good about meeting you.

Small talk
Most people will get nervous when meeting someone they like for the first time. It is easy to forget what you want to talk about, and may be handy to have some questions for the person already prepared. Some simple questions about the person, allowing him/her to talk about him/her -self. 

Be open and positive
If you ask the person if he plays golf, and he does, you should answer politely and positive. Even if you really hate what the person likes doing (Unless you really have to like the same thing). Also be open to different interest, maybe what they do is different from what you do, but it may be still interesting to talk about.

The picture of you
The person you are meeting for the first time will see you before you start talking. They will see how you look, how you walk and how you are dressed. A picture says more than a thousand words, so you should make the picture of yourself good. Wear appropriate clothes for the occasion. Be a little casual and relaxed, don’t rush, and be confident. Have confidence in what you do, how you walk and how you talk. 
If you are having a meeting, sit down. Lean back in your seat and cross your feet. Make sitting relaxed a muscular habit, after a while you will do it automatically. Smile wherever you go, make the person want to know you.

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