mandag 14. januar 2013

Learn html and css

If you want to make your own website, but you don’t want to spend too much money doing so, learning html and css may be a good idea. Html is programming language used to make websites, and css is the styling of the html. Html and css are programming languages, so they are a little difficult to learn. But it is possible, and you don’t need too be much of a technological person to learn it, if you stay persistent at it and don't give up you will be able to make your own website from scratch.

I know a good bit of html myself, not perfect, but i know some. I learned everything from free tutorials and videos online, i have not been patient enough to learn it all yet. I recommend you to learn html, as you will be able to make your own websites. But also because you will learn a lot about how browsers and the internet work.

The best free ways to learn html are online video tutorials or written tutorials. Here are the best tutorials on the entire internet in my opinion:

Video tutorials:

Written tutorials:

If you need more tutorials you should try googling a bit, but i believe that you will find all you need from the links above. I recommend watching the tutsplus videos, and to go through the w3schools tutorials. The w3schools tutorials will give you a good introduction into html, but some of the data may be outdated. So you should grab the basics there, then use the tutsplus, and some of the other links to learn more. If you follow the courses and stay persistent at learning, you will be able to make your own websites. I hope this helped you, and if it did, remember to share it.

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