mandag 14. januar 2013

What is my google page rank?

Google indexes all website, and is the largest source of traffic for most website developers. But how does the indexing system work? And how can you check what rank your website has?

The google search engine indexes all large active websites, and supplies them with free traffic. If you own a website or a decent blog you probably know this. There are many ways to get your site indexed fast, and to get it higher rated, but i will not be speaking about that today. Today i will be focusing on simply checking the page rank of your website, and understanding it.

Google index

When your site gets indexed by google, it will be given a page rank, a number which indicates its importance on the world wide web. This page rank determines how high up on google your website will be ranked on certain keywords. The higher your rank, the more traffic. This is why Search Engine Optimization is so important.
However, if you want to find out what page rank your website has, you can go to this site:

This is a simple page rank checking website, where you enter your url and it will show your page rank. I don’t know if this website is telling the absolute truth, but i believe it does.
When you have entered your url, you will be told your pagerank. But if you get this:

Your site is probably not indexed yet. If your site is not indexed yet, you should keep publishing content (or keep on doing whatever your website does) until you get indexed. I hope this helped you. If you want to read more advanced info about the google page rank you can read about it on wikipedia.

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