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How to build muscle

These days most guys are wanting to get bigger. We all want those broad shoulders, the V-shape and the hard abs. How you can get the muscle you want depends on your current state. There are two different standard states: having to much fat wanting muscle instead and being skinny wanting more muscles.

How skinny guys can build muscle
When it comes to skinny guys, there are four important things to remember: 
Eat, Eat, Eat and Eat. That’s right, eating is the key here. If you are skinny, you don’t have a problem about eating too much. This is why you have to eat as much as you can. Think about it this way, working out will tear your muscles down, ripping the fibers apart. Eating will give them the fuel to rebuild themselves. If you eat the exact same amount of food when you are not working out, and when you are working out, how can you expect your muscles to grow? To get bigger, you have to eat more food. A lot more, try to eat literally as much food as you possibly can. Eating enough is more important than doing the right exercises. You can use protein powder, but i don’t recommend it. I think it is best to eat natural protein rich foods (chicken, meat, eggs). As you are going to eat as much as you possibly can, you can eat all the junk food you want. Eat hamburgers at Mcdonalds and Burger king, as long as you make sure to eat a lot(great or what?). Remember this, and if you stay persistent, work out and eat a lot for a long period of time, you will eventually add mass.
How large guys can build muscle
Large guys generally want to loose body fat, and build muscle. If you are a little fat, you already have more muscle on your body, which gives you a step ahead. It is important to eat right, eat healthy food. You have to consume the right things, enough protein to build muscles, but not to much carbs and fats making you fat again. You can use protein powder , but it is not necessary. So remember to eat a good amount of food, but not too much. And remember to always eat the right types of food, vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken and so on is mostly good. Try to avoid eating too much pasta, rice and white bread. Also stay away from fast food.

The workout
To add the most mass to your body, you should have an intense all around body workout + some cardio. Your workout should cover all major muscles in your body, however i will not talk about the specifics of the workout in this blog post. The important about your work out program is the rest in between your workouts. Your muscle needs 48 hours to rebuild themselves after a work out. Which means you should not be working the same muscle groups every day. It is ideal to have one day for resting between you workout days, but it is also possible to workout almost every day, making sure you are not hitting the same muscle groups day after day.

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